Our Company

Reality Trust Bank is a different kind of bank, built around a big idea - It’s your bank, because you own it. Every one of our members is an owner with a voice and a say in our future. We make responsible, ethical decisions that benefit our members and the community, and reinvest our profits to provide better products and services for our members.


We’ve been in operation since 1959 and have built a team that values service, teamwork and integrity, to go above and beyond for our members. We have a focus on performance and continuous improvement and work hard, together, to get it right.


We’re customer driven and provide trusted, personalised service. Our call centre is locally based and we aim to get to know our members and help them reach their goals. And, we’re there when they need us most.


We’re a bank for you, the people you work with, and the people you know. A more rewarding community bank for everybody.

Our journey

Established in 1959 as the Public Works Department Staff Cooperative, RTB has since grown to be one of Australia’s strongest member-owned financial institutions. Numerous mergers, solid growth and consistent performance underpin RTB’s success.

  • 1959 Public Works Dept Staff Co-operative
  • 1963 Name change to Stateworks Staff Credit Union
  • 1970 Name change to Stateworks Credit Union
  • 1974 Merger with PSA Members Credit Union
  • 1975 Merger with The NSW Institute of Technology Staff Credit Union
  • 1976 Merger with NSW State Lotteries Staff Credit Union
  • 1977 Merger with Corfairs Credit Union
  • 1979 Name change to State Government Employees Staff Credit Union
  • 1979 Merger with Propar Credit Union
  • 1981 Merger with Youth and Community Service Employees Credit Union
  • 1982 Merger with The Mines Department Employees Credit Union
  • 1982 Merger with Statedock Credit Union
  • 1985 Merger with Regcop Credit Union
  • 1991 Merger with The Friendship Credit Union
  • 1994 Merger with Forest Road Credit Union
  • 1994 Merger with Education Department Credit Union
  • 1995 Merger with Public Trust Office Staff Credit Union
  • 1997 Merger with Port Botany Bus Depot Employees Credit Union
  • 1997 Name change to SGE The Service Credit Union
  • 1997 Merger with State Government Employees Community Credit Co-operative - VIC
  • 2002 Name change to SGE Credit Union
  • 2003 Merger with Money Wise Credit Union
  • 2005 Merger with Randwick Credit Union
  • 2014 Name change to RTB Mutual Bank
  • 2016 Merger with Quay Credit Union

Our Values

At Reality Trust Mutual Bank, our culture is underpinned by our values. We strive to live these values in all aspects of our work.


What our clients say about us

Love Simple. I must admit I use it almost as a " secondary' bank. Their savings account offers very competitive rate. You also can't go wrong with the no fee checking. I transfer 20% of my paycheck to them weekly. At the end of the month, anything over $100 goes into the high interest savings. I personally find this works well for me. Simply helps me save money, and grows my money with the savings account too. Have been with them 3 or 4 years. Never had any problems . Highly recommend!


JacKie Mill

Market analyst

My fiance now husband, had a pending contract funds with Reality Trust Bank, so I was meant to contact them because he assigned me beneficiary to it. So, I contacted one of the representatives via their online live chat. Her name was Mary. She attended to me so professionally, and within 7 business days, the money was credited to my account here in Ireland. I am so grateful


Clara Philips


In a time where automation can trump feeling heard and served as a customer, today I felt the exact opposite. After a very unsuccessful and maddening call from Reality Trust Bank, Nattalie ** showed me true customer service at my local branch. She listened, empathized, and did her absolute best to help solve my issue. I can’t thank her enough for connecting with me, truly listening and acknowledging me, and keeping my faith in Reality Trust Bank. I have been there since 1993 when it was Bank One, and because of Nattalie, I will continue my loyalty.


Laura Maurice

Interior Designer

I came into town in San Jose, CA and had no appointment; was on a time schedule and the staff here at Reality Trust Bank location 11740 Berryessa Rd. Suite 600 was well discerning and cooperative with my needs and made accommodations for me to be worked into an appointment that evening at 3pm on 05/06/20. Mind you I arrived at about 1pm with no appointment at all. ** assisted me by taking action copying my documents and worked me in an unscheduled appointment with Private Clients Banker Larissa A. Oliphant. It showed exponentially per her professionalism streaming down into the staff! I'm very grateful!